Discover our value through difference

Since 2017, we have perfected our skills to be one of the top companies in yachting providing a wide range of services for vessels up to 60 meters. Our success comes from creating value through difference.

The company was founded in 2017 by Lindsay Dalton, born and raised in the arms of sailors, today she is a well-known professional yachtswoman with a keen eye for detail and a love for the sea. Lindsay as founder had to innovate and think creatively to stay ahead of the competition and lead her company to the top of a market, succeeding because she always put the client first. The drive to excel, the trust and integrity that defined Lindsay are part of Empire Yachting’s core values and influence all our personalized client services. As an Empire Yachting client, you always come first, whether it’s chartering, brokerage, yacht marketing or management. 

This is how we create value through difference..

EMPIRE YACHTING S.L has crafted a wide-reaching audience and esteemed reputation network in the nautical sector & luxury market forming a strong, balanced community in the yacht insustry.