Quite simply because you want to sell it. 

We possess the expertise to maximize market exposure, the knowledge and networks to identify the right buyer, and the experience to maximize the value of your asset. The yachts we sell each year are 60m (197ft) or under, over half are 12m (39ft) to 30m (98ft), so the message is clear: we sell yachts like yours.

A global player in an international marketplace

Securing the best results in the global yachting market requires an extensive network and precise market intelligence. By appointing us as your exclusive agents, you maximize your opportunities and increase the likelihood of a successful yacht sale.

Highly experienced brokers focused on your needs 

Our dynamic team of international brokers commands the confidence of the entire yacht market, a trust built on strong relationships with individual clients. We excel at balancing market realities with client discretion.

The most dynamic and successful sales program

We consistently sell the most impressive yachts on the market, leading yacht sales in the Spain and beyond. Our in-depth market knowledge, honest and transparent advice, and unparalleled teamwork all contribute to achieving a successful and timely sale.

Empire Yachting is globally renowned  in the yachting market, dedicated to achieving the best results in everything we do. In yacht sales, this means precise marketing and identifying qualified buyers. While we are synonymous with yachts, our dynamic sales program consistently markets and sells yachts ranging from stock boats to some of the most luxurious and unique yachts in the market. Speak to our expert team today.