Why choose Empire Yachting for your boat care?

At Empire Yachting, we specialize in Motor & Sail Yacht Guardianage and Service Management. This is where our journey began:

Lindsay Dalton, the founder of Empire Yachting, has a long history in yacht maintenance dating back to 2008. With over 16 years of professional experience, Lindsay has been heavily involved in and specialized in the maintenance, repair, and guardianage of a wide range of motor and sailing yachts of all different sizes, makes and models. Her extensive experience, skills, and knowledge in this field form the solid foundation of Empire Yachting.


With a friendly team of independent and in-house experts that offer a personal service and consistently work to the highest standards of the industry, we ensure expectations are met while having the peace of mind you seek when owning or running a vessel. Empire Yachting is the nº1 leading company in Mallorca for yacht care, whether that is for a single, seasonal or yearly service,  we have what you need at a competitive price.

Maintenance services

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the safety, performance, and longevity of a yacht. Engaging professional yacht maintenance is crucial. These services, combined with regular inspections and proactive care, help maintain the yacht’s value and ensure a safe, enjoyable yachting experience.

  • Direct Yacht owners | Captains & crew.
  •  Boat dealers | Yacht brokers | Charter companys | Yacht agents, managers & consultants | other boat maintenance companys.
  • Punctual, seasonal or yearly service.
  • Daily | weekly | bi-weekly program.


  • Interior cleaning, detailing & sanitising of all living areas.
  • Professional bed making & set ups
  • Charter turnovers
  • Laundry service
  • Exterior cleaning, washdown and detailing.
  • Metal polish and rust removal.
  • Polishing and waxing of the exterior surfaces
  • Mold and black streak removal.
  • Teak deck cleaning and maintenance.
  • Interior and exterior cleaning for neglected boats.
  • Engine room cleaning.
  • Post-fire scene cleaning.
  • Refit cleaning  (during and after).
  • Regular servicing of the engine(s), including oil changes, filter replacements, and overall system checks.
  • Maintenance of generators, stabilizers, and other mechanical systems.
  • Inspection and servicing of the propulsion system, including shafts, propellers, and thrusters.
  • Inspection and servicing of life rafts, life jackets, and fire extinguishers.
  • Ensuring all safety equipment is up to date and in good condition.
  • Fire Suppression Systems:
    • Regular testing and servicing of fire suppression systems, including fixed and portable extinguishers.
    • Ensuring compliance with safety regulations.
  • Regular cleaning of the hull to remove marine growth.
  • Application of antifouling paint to prevent future growth.
  • Inspection and repair of electrical systems and wiring.
  • Maintenance of batteries, charging systems, and onboard electronics.
  • Ensuring navigation and communication systems are fully operational.
  • Regular inspection and repair of freshwater and wastewater systems.
  • Maintenance of pumps, valves, and water heaters.
  • Ensuring proper operation of toilets and sanitation systems.
  • Inspection and cleaning of fuel tanks, filters, and lines.
  • Ensuring fuel delivery systems are free of contaminants and operating efficiently.
  • Gel coat repairs
  • Touch-up and full repainting services for the hull and superstructure.
  • Varnishing of wood surfaces to protect and enhance appearance.
  • Repair and replacement of canvas covers, biminis, and enclosures.
  • Maintenance and cleaning of upholstery, cushions, mattress,  and other fabric items.
  • Inspection and servicing of rigging, including stays, shrouds, and running rigging.
  • Sail repair and maintenance, including washing and storage.
  • Preparing the yacht for off-season storage, including draining systems and protecting from cold weather.
  • Getting the yacht ready for the boating season by reversing the winterization process.
  • Regular inspection and maintenance of underwater fittings and anodes.
  • Inspection of the keel, rudder, and other submerged structures.
  • Updating charts, GPS systems, and other navigational aids.
  • Calibration of navigation instruments.
  • Servicing and repair of HVAC systems.
  • Cleaning and replacing filters, checking refrigerant levels, and ensuring efficient operation.
  • Custom modifications and upgrades to enhance performance and comfort.
  • Emergency repairs and on-call maintenance services.
  • Maintenance of hydraulic systems used for steering, stabilizers, and other onboard equipment.
  • Checking for leaks and ensuring optimal performance.
  • Regular inspection and cleaning of bilge pumps and bilge areas.
  • Ensuring bilge alarms and sensors are functioning correctly.
  • Servicing and maintaining any tenders, jet skis, or other auxiliary watercraft.
  • Ensuring these smaller vessels are in good working order and properly stored.
  • Servicing and repair of kitchen appliances, including stoves, ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers.
  • Ensuring all galley systems are safe and functional.
  • Inspection and maintenance of deck fittings, winches, windlasses, and other hardware.
  • Lubrication and repair of moving parts to ensure smooth operation.
  • Maintenance of onboard lighting, both interior and exterior.
  • Servicing and upgrading entertainment systems, including audio-visual equipment.
  • Inspection and maintenance of onboard security systems, including alarms and surveillance cameras.
  • Ensuring systems are operational and providing adequate protection.
    • Maintenance of sewage treatment systems and holding tanks.
    • Ensuring proper disposal and compliance with environmental regulations.

  • Servicing and repair of onboard refrigeration units.
  • Ensuring efficient operation and proper temperature control.
  • Maintenance and improvement of soundproofing materials to minimize noise.
  • Inspecting and upgrading insulation for better temperature control.
  • Inspection and servicing of anchors, chains, and mooring lines.
  • Ensuring these systems are reliable and ready for use.
  • Comprehensive surveys by marine surveyors to assess the overall condition of the yacht.
  • Detailed reports on the state of the vessel and recommendations for necessary maintenance or repairs.
  • Ensuring all maintenance activities comply with insurance requirements.
  • Keeping the yacht in line with local and international maritime regulations.
  • Coordination of docking, haul-out, and transport services.
  • Arranging for storage and overseeing the logistics of maintenance operations.

Mallorca enjoys favorable weather year-round, making it an excellent location to berth your yacht. However, occasional adverse weather conditions, particularly during the winter, can bring strong winds and significant swells that may pose a threat to your vessel. To ensure your peace of mind, Empire Yachting provides a comprehensive service to monitor and safeguard your yacht, ensuring it remains secure during such storms. We meticulously secure all lines, pasarelle, ensure fenders are correctly positioned, shore power is connected to maintain batteries on charge along with our other list of checks.


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