Our Mission

To preserve and restore seagrass meadows by reducing the impact of yacht activities, ensuring the health and sustainability of marine ecosystems for future generations.


Seagrass meadows are vital marine habitats that provide essential services such as carbon sequestration, coastal protection, and biodiversity support. However, they are under threat from yacht anchoring and other marine activities. This project aims to minimize the negative impacts on seagrass meadows through a combination of education, sustainable practices, and active restoration efforts.

Plan of Actions

  1. Assessment and Mapping

    • Conduct surveys to map existing seagrass meadows in frequently visited areas.
    • Identify critical habitats and areas most impacted by yacht activities.
  2. Education and Awareness

    • Develop and distribute educational materials for yacht owners, crew, and guests about the importance of seagrass and the impact of anchoring on these habitats.
    • Host workshops and seminars in marinas to train yacht operators on best practices for anchoring and mooring.
  3. Implementation of Sustainable Practices

    • Install eco-friendly mooring buoys in areas with significant seagrass presence to prevent anchor damage.
    • Promote the use of designated anchoring zones away from sensitive seagrass meadows.
    • Encourage the adoption of technology such as GPS anchor monitoring systems to avoid accidental damage to seagrass beds.
  4. Restoration and Rehabilitation

    • Collaborate with marine biologists to develop and implement seagrass restoration projects in degraded areas.
    • Engage yacht industry volunteers in seagrass planting initiatives and monitoring programs.
  5. Monitoring and Evaluation

    • Establish a monitoring program to track the health of seagrass meadows and the effectiveness of conservation measures.
    • Regularly review and update conservation strategies based on monitoring data and emerging best practices.

Expected Results

  • Immediate Impact

    • Reduction in anchor damage to seagrass meadows due to increased use of mooring buoys and designated anchoring zones.
    • Greater awareness among yacht operators and guests about the importance of seagrass conservation.
    • Long-term Sustainability
    • Improved health and coverage of seagrass meadows in targeted areas.
    • Enhanced biodiversity and resilience of marine ecosystems supported by healthy seagrass beds.
    • Strengthened partnerships between the yacht industry, marine conservation organizations, and local communities for ongoing ocean conservation efforts.

By implementing this project, the yacht industry can play a crucial role in preserving vital marine habitats, ensuring the sustainability of seagrass meadows, and promoting a healthy ocean ecosystem for future generations.